About Heckman Batons... and a little more.

Heckman Batons are all hand turned by a retired Missouri band director. Every baton is slightly different just as every hand is slightly different. Come find the Heckman Baton that fits your hand or select a baton or leather case to give as a gift sure to be treasured. Your hand will thank you!

Our story: Once upon a snow day in 2012, I chanced upon a listing for a used lathe. I always enjoyed using my Dad's Shopsmith Lathe as a kid and thought that a midi lathe would be a great addition to my shop. I decided I would try my hand at baton handles. I gave the first two away and posted a photo online and began receiving requests for custom batons.

I retired in 2023 after 31 years as a high school band director and I know what directors like in a baton.

  • Balance and feel...It has to feel great in your hand
  • Durability. Nothing is more irritating than replacing a baton that you just bought because you "flicked" it a bit too hard and it broke.
  • Variety!

Each baton is hand turned, balanced, and finished. None of my batons are machine made. All shafts are carbon fiber. A "standard" baton is 14 inches however other options are available also. The leather cases we have available are made by a local leather craftsman and friend. Leather cases are guaranteed and any defects in stitching will be repaired or replaced.

My repeat customers come back because they become collectors and enjoy fine batons. There is an endless variety of both wood and acrylic.

Please get in touch with me if I can help match you up with the baton you always wanted or the baton you always wanted to give to a loved and respected musician.