What people are saying about Heckman Batons!

Dr. Megan Maddaleno

Heckman Batons provides unparalleled customer service and quality product with a personal touch. Conducting orchestras around the world, I have found Heckman batons to be the most ergonomical, lightweight, and precise while still being incredibly affordable. No matter the type of ensemble in front of you, you will feel confident and comfortable using a Heckman baton.

Director of Orchestral Activities, University of Tampa

Dr. Brandon McDannald

I started using batons from Brad Heckman in 2016, when I wanted a new baton to go with a new teaching position. Batons I had used in the past would warp, crack, and start to look pretty unattractive over time, even for someone easy on their equipment.

Heckman batons are in a whole different league. They are very lightweight, allowing me to gesture how I wish on the podium without getting in the way, and they come in very eye-catching colors with nearly every handle shape possible. Their durability is also top notch while being affordable for teachers and students. All my conducting classes rave about them whenever they get to pick out their favorites. The baton does not make the conductor, but Heckman batons lets me do my job the way I want, with a style/color that is my own.

Director of Bands and Music Education - University of Tampa

Dori Waggoner, Phd.

I love my Heckman Baton!  It feels comfortable in my hand and looks as good today as the day I bought it.  Because Brad has such a variety of shapes and colors, I recommend them to my students.  They can always find something that works well and is the color and style they like.

Dean, Swinney Conservatory of Music
Central-Methodist University

Brooksie Collins

I love Heckman Batons. They are exclusively what I have used for about the past 10 years. The batons are durable, fun, and unique. Obviously they have the required counterbalance needed for expressive conducting just like much higher priced batons. The perk is the happy feeling I have when picking which baton I want to use each concert. At this point I have so many Heckman batons I have had to get a second stick bag! I am consistently impressed with Brad's craftmanship and his professionalism.

Director of Bands,
Smithton Middle School
Columbia, MO

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Dr. Brandon Robinson

As a professional conductor, I look for batons that meet my needs and the needs of the ensemble. Specifically, I look for balance, versatility, durability, and quality. Heckman Batons check all of these boxes. I have purchased Heckman Batons for my conducting students, and they love them. Brad has customized a baton to meet my exact specifications. I have received the kind of customer service that will keep me coming back.

Director of Bands,
Missouri Southern State University
Joplin, MO